Meet the Boys


Laid back, deep, philosophical, smart, solid, spiritual, thoughtful, understanding, intuitive, comforting, a rock, loving, peaceful and shy…

…he is now 26!

but just yesterday he looked like this…



Smart, independent, clever, a leader, neat, orderly, Godly, safe, courageous, intelligent, charming, protective, witty, sweet and loving…

…he is 17!


and just yesterday he looked like this…



Sensitive, VERY artistic, solid, unique, loving, adorable, tough, silly, cuddlebug, thoughtful, messy, tenderhearted, kind and funny as heck…six feet, seven inches tall…and 16!


and I swear, just yesterday he looked like this…



Happy, outdoorsy, sneaky, independent, tough, forgiving, charming, sweet, athletic, spiritual, stubborn, talkative, noisy, quick and outgoing…

…he is 13!


and really… just yesterday… he looked like this…

They are all different and special in so many ways!

the boys A




2 responses to “Meet the Boys

  1. Kathi Payne

    Hi Heidi–just happened to come across your story and I am just amazed at what you have encountered in your young life! You are an incredible woman! I remember so well your “growing up years” in Lodi and would never have believed that you would have to experience such pain and stress in your life as a mom. I am so thankful that has continued to improve. As a mom of three “boys” (now grown men!) I will agree with you that boys are great! Hang in there, girl! You are doing an incredible job and I as proud of you!

  2. Kathi Payne

    Meant to say–so thankful that Gerrit has continued to improve!

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