What am I doing?

Hopefully, this weekend I will somehow figure out the way I want this website. I am a very visual person and am having a difficult time with the fact that I can’t design color and photos onto my pages. See my MySpace and you will understand what I mean. I want it to represent me. I know, I know…there is a way, but I don’t know it! And yes, I have contemplated spending hours reading over books and websites to figure it out, but I have chosen not to right now for two reasons…maybe more.

#1 – I am a rotten student.

Yes, I know what you are thinking… how am I successfully teaching my boys anything? Well, I said I was a rotten student, not a rotten teacher! The thing is… I can learn quite well if I am shown how to do it, and then let do it! I think us creative/outside-the-box stinkers thinkers have a hard time reading directions and then following them. I have one of them living on my planet with me… J J, my little artist… chef… comedian… he’s crazy-fun! But the kid does not learn well by reading and writing in the classroom. He can draw anything, makes great little movies, keeps us all entertained with impersonations and loves to create new dishes in the kitchen! Now… don’t misunderstand me… he is in the classroom with the rest of them, but that does not show his best side! He accelerates in creative arts! (Gotta love it!)

Captain Underware!

Captain Underwear!

So, I “get” him. He got it from me – poor kid. (we get off subject easy too!)

#2 – I am low on “me” time.  Just not enough in the day to do all that I want to do!

There you have it. So, until I can become best friends with an HTML, RSS, CSS, BFD or whatever the heck it is, expert, and my kids move out of the house – I am not going to spend anymore time than I do now (which is already in question, although nobody had starved, yet.) on this blog site. I love it. Love to express myself. Love to learn about other people; moms, artists, cooks, teachers, photographers and family’s. I don’t know how you all do it. How you do all that you do and still have time to make such neat websites…and keep up on the blogging!

I guess I am confessing that I can not do it all. I am not super woman… no matter what my husband says. I try, but having the creative mind… is well, a, ok… we get distracted – easily entertained – borderline ADD – dyslexic – the mind has more ideas/creations/plans than the body can deliver! I have lists in my head, in my notebook and pinned to the calendar and I don’t ever get anywhere near getting them all done!

If I am going to spend more time learning one more thing to do… I think my husband will have me committed. This could be a #3! He is very understanding about my need to create and explore, but I have a studio (small as it is…) full of all kinds of things to create! And I am not in there very much lately. I have plans to change that!

He asks me why am I always looking for more to do?

I say… I duno.

I don’t. I don’t know why I have a need to conquer something new. It’s like a death wish. What the heck?

So, I will continue the blogging, but I will need some therapy to let go of the desire to make the site look more like I want it to. Poo.



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One response to “What am I doing?

  1. I think your blog is wonderful, Heidi. Very creative. Ok well I am not a very creative person but I throughly enjoy seeing what all is going on in your house with you guys. I love hearing what you have to say!!!
    All Moms feel the same way you do. Our lists are never done and my husband loves me lots but thinks I am a little nutty too. So we are 2 peas in a pod!
    Hugs!!! Keep it up!
    PS Love Beth Moore’s blog, awesome!!!!

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