Our Deck

Our back deck has an ugly history. When we bought this house it had an above ground pool in the back with a deck all the way around it. It was wonderful for the boys, and we were out there all summer long the first two years we lived here. We loved it!


At the start of our third summer here… while all four of my boys were in the pool, it collapsed. I was heading up the steps when I heard it and turned around in time to see the water gushing out the back side (thankfully the backside so it flowed away from the house.) and my babies swirling around in the pool. I screamed – of course – and yelled for Darren (the oldest) to get the boys. Harrison, three years old, had JUST grabbed the ladder so he was safe. Darren successfully got both little boys out by tossing them up on the deck! Everybody was ok. Thank God. It could have a pretty bad situation if they had gotten into the waters grasp, they would have gone through a bunch of sharp rusted metal. All I know is that we were very fortunate!

But I sat down and cried. (I know… I’m a weenie.) We loved having the pool! We were going to have 6 weeks of company coming up in a month. Now what were we going to do?


Well, we did nothing. We couldn’t afford to replace the pool. So it sat, and sat, and sat. It became an ugly mess and I didn’t even like to look out there. I missed our pool.

January 2008

We won’t ever get our pool back… but we decided this January to rip down the mess and rebuild the deck – filling in where the pool was.

February 2008

So, with the help of our wonderful friends Matt and Amy, we started demolition and then reconstruction back in April!Harry – a hard little worker!

Harry could walk across those beams holding white planks like a pro!

JJ’s will work for food! He loves to eat!

Gerrit’s just not that into hard labor. But he’s good at crowd control!

Bud was our brute strength for the demolition!

We couldn’t have done it without Matt’s deck-building-abilities.

Harris helping Uncle Matt measure!

You know what kind of friends you have when they give up most of their weekends for nearly two months to help you build a stink’en deck!

They got us to our goal of getting all the support work for the decking done before they had to go.

When Matt and Amy had to leave for the summer, we were on our own! So Dave and I have been working on it here and there – in between high heat and heavy rain! Its been so good for us to have this project to work on together! Yes, there have been stressful moments… but the joy of building something with your own hands is awesome!

Harry gets it!

Go Harry go!

The decking wood arrives!

Well, yesterday… we finally finished the decking. Of course we still have the railing to do… (lower and upper deck) and seal it all. But hey… we got the floor down!!!


Now this last shot is taken from the top of the stairs just like the first photo at the top of the page! We did cut off nine feet of the original deck, but it still looks huge doesn’t it? Its 33′ x 24′ now.

And wouldn’t you know it on the LAST day of construction; Dave and I both get injured. He hit his hand with a maillot, and then later his drill slipped off a screw and drilled the top of my left index finger! I was holding a piece of wood for him. It didn’t hurt at first, so I thought I was just grazed by the drill, but he got me up on my feet and headed me to the house when the pain finally hit! And boy… did it hit! He had a lot of weight behind the drill, and so today it is quite bruised and very tender. It actually hurts more today than it did yesterday evening. Looks like the nail may come off later… but I hope not. Eww.

Bummer. Now I have two crappy index fingers. The boys felt so bad for me. They took this picture! How cute of them!

Well, I am very happy about getting the worst of the work done! Dave will most likely do most of the railing. He says he likes that part, and doesn’t want my help. Kidding… but I am fine letting him do it! I’ll start looking for the perfect table and chairs to get when it’s done.

I want to say “Thank You” again to Matt and Amy! We couldn’t have done it without you two! When you come back to GA we’ll sit out here and have drink to celebrate it’s completion!

But for now… cyber-cheers!



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6 responses to “Our Deck

  1. Sandy

    That looks awesome! I know you are so happy to have that behind you. Take care of your finger. And you are right eww!

  2. Looks great so far! Sorry bout your finger;(

  3. Nagisa

    Banzai!! for your hard work!
    Take it easy til you are better!

  4. Sounds like quite an adventure! But your new deck looks great, big enough for a dance floor. Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. It’s nice to know someone is reading.
    Keep posting

  5. That IS a huge deck! I remember how much work it took when my dad built ours at our old house…and it wasn’t but half the size (if that).

    Too bad about the pool…it looked like a lot of fun!

  6. The deck looks great! Is your finger better? Poor thing!

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