A Scary Morning

Friday morning started out like most of my mornings! No alarm to wake me… just naturally wakeing up at about the same time every day! It’s great, because I don’t HAVE to get up and rush off to school or work! I can take my mornings easy and spend time in worship before I start my day with the boys. Truthfully, that is what gets me through the day! My time with God that is. I know I am incapable of teaching very much on my own, but with God guiding me, I am not worried about it at all. Okay… sometimes I worry about it… but I know I should trust Him and that is my main goal!

Well, I had finished my quiet time, and I went to my computer to send out an email or two before I started breakfast. A couple of minutes into it, I thought I heard a crash type sound in the other end of the house. I hopped up thinking the stinking cats might have jumped up on my hutch or something… but when I got to the living room, I saw nothing out of place and not a soul in there, not even a cat. But I did notice someone in the boys bathroom. So I chalked up the sound to – whoever it was – being a noisy door closer. I regret that now.

I went back to the computer and had barely sat down when I heard an unmistakable crash. Loud and solid. I rushed, once again into the living room and found my Gerrit on the floor with a chair on top of him.

Heart stops. Fear grips. Shaking starts.

He is hot yet clammy. Not making any sense with his words. Not really even making words at first. JJ comes running up the stairs, rubbing his eyes… asking about the noise. I send him for his big brother to help me get Gerrit to a bed.

We get him settled on a bed and he tells me that he woke up VERY thirsty. He came upstairs to get a drink, but had to go to the bathroom real bad, so did that, but realized while in there that he wasn’t right. He tried to make it to the couch, but didn’t quite get there.

He drank a glass of water and then slept for an hour or so.

When he woke up I fed him and then the other boys and I went in the guest room with him and did some school in there! It was quite fun to all be on the bed for school! But even though Gerrit seemed ok, I couldn’t help but have some concern.

It wasn’t until around that time that I noticed a cut on his face. It looked like a cat got him good. He did not know how he got it and neither did any of the other boys. Well, after awhile, he wanted to get up and stretch and said he was feeling a lot better now that he had eaten and rested. I told him we were going to get him in an Epsom salt bath before he ran out of energy. As I went in to start his water for him, I see that the bathroom is in great disarray.

After some contemplating over what might have happened, he and I figure out that the noise I heard the first time was him passing out in the bathroom! He fell forward and cut his face on a candle holder that is on the back of the toilet. The glass ring of the candle holder matched perfectly over his cut. Oh my goodness… I was feeling terrible for not checking on the crashing sound the first time. I may have been able to prevent him from falling the second time. Poor kid.

Well, turns out he seems fine. He has a cold and gave it to his two younger brothers now, but he has not had any more episodes like that. Thank goodness. I’d rather get my finger drilled again than have that sinking in my gut feeling after finding him on the floor.

If it had been JJ… I wouldn’t have worried so. I know that sounds harsh, but see… he has low blood sugar and I know what to do for him when he gets like that. He has passed out a few times. Not that I like it – mind you – it’s just that I am more well equipped to handle it if I know what it is.

I still hold out that Gerrit’s had to do with him being somehow dehydrated. Maybe sleeping with his mouth open since he couldn’t breath threw his nose. I really see no connection between this and his Chiari Malformation or Syringomyelia. Although, I have to admit… it’s always in the back of my mind.


Read Gerrit’s story here.


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  1. Razzle51

    Lot of people sleep with there mouths open . and being a child I would think maybe his adenoids need to be removed .

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