Animals know more than we think

I find it so amazing that our animals usually know more about us than we know about them. Have you ever had a pet that just understood you? Or knew when you weren’t feeling well?

I know of one of you, for example, that has a sweet little white fur ball that you adore and have that kind of connection with. But I’m sure most of you have had one at least once in your life! Not all pets are that way, but when you have one… it’s something special you just don’t forget!

I had a black lab/greyhound mix (she looked like the flying nun) many years ago that was so intuitive that she could sense my feelings before I even opened the front door. If I had a bad day, she was calm and almost sad. If I was feeling good and happy, she would bounce all around when I came in! She knew when to just curl up and lay beside me or when to dance and sing (howl)! She was the best. I’ve loved a lot of dogs… but I’ve never had another one like her.

Axel (a cat) was pretty smart as well. He used to lay on my lap when I was pregnant. Ok, you would have to know our relationship to think that was anything special! You can read some about Axel here if you like. When our third son came home from a minor surgery and was laying on the couch, Axel knew that JJ needed some special attention and he just got on the couch with him and purred. Isn’t it cute how he has his hand up on him like that? And he was actually watching JJ sleep. He stayed there for hours. He knew.

I don’t know what it is about animals and their sense of need in humans. But I am fascinated by it. So many stories about how they have saved not only their masters, but even strangers. I got a book to read to my boys for worships in the mornings last year. It was all about dogs and they were awesome true stories. Most of them however, made us me cry… so the boys ask that I stop reading it to them! Not a good way to start the day I guess… seeing your mother cry.

Anyway… I didn’t plan on writing all this, I was just going to show you some cute pictures of my boys from yesterday and the day before when they were doing their “sick” sleep on my bed!

Although it is not unnatural to see Tang up on our bed (Ug)… it is unusual that he is in the location that he is. Right up by the boys! I think he knew they didn’t feel good! He was doing his usual LOUD purr… trying to heal them I’m sure! You go boy! Get’em better!

That, or he is just a big’ole fat lazy cat!

Whatever. It’s cute.

JJ and his buddy Tang

Harrison and Tang (sorry it’s blurry)

The boys are doing much better now.



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One response to “Animals know more than we think

  1. Oh my goodness! I hope they feel better.
    Have you noticed my Chloe (cat)? She looks just like your Tang.

    And how weird????????????????? that you posted something about animals because my post today is about animals. Very different than yours, but about animals. It is my first serious post and I was a little scared to be so vocal, but decided it was done with love and went a head and posted it:)

    I hope it doesn’t upset anyone:)

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