A Second Chance at School!

I do not know what I missed in school… Okaaay… I do know… almost everything! kidding. Sorta!

You know? I wish I could say I learned a lot in school. But I can’t. Oh… now, don’t get your panties in a bunch… I’m not at all saying that they didn’t teach it! I’m quite certain they taught a lot of good stuff! Really… (Dad)… I’m sure! The problem was that I wasn’t listening! I’m so sorry.

You know the Melancholy mind… wandering about… thinking up ideas for the next function, project, pet, gift, painting…etc. I truly kept my mind busy… just not on what the teachers or my parents wanted it on. I could day dream for great lengths of time too! Watching the birds out the window playing in a rain puddle, seeing what creatures I could make out in the clouds…. One teacher in grade school even moved my desk away from the fish tank because I was spending too much time “scuba diving”! Hey… this was way before my phase of “herbal” enlightenment. So, you can imagine how it got after that. Sorry Dad.

Whatever. I’m good now! Oh… no, I still daydream and keep my mind whirling with ideas and projects, but I made it through my “difficult” years – seemingly – unscathed.

The great thing about it all is that I get a second chance! I get to go to school all over again… and I like it this time!! That is SO cool! (Don’t ch’a think Dad? -guilty smile – ya, you know the one.)

I am learning things about my country and my government and America’s history that I never remember knowing. (see… I’m being careful not to say it wasn’t taught!! I am guessing it was!) It is so much more fun the second time around! I truly am learning along with my boys some crazy great things!!

They did some “poster” type things yesterday on the first three states in the U.S., with some coloring, drawing and a little 3-D artwork. (Please, keep in mind that both the older boys – (and the oldest who is not homeschooled… because he is 20, not because I don’t like him.) – are severely colorblind! So any color they put on anything is wonderful to me! They usually don’t have a clue as to the actual color it is… but what they “think” it is, is what counts!) They all drew their own state – free handed too! I didn’t think the seven year old would be able to do it and worried that he would get frustrated. He did fine! And he was very proud of his work. So was I. (I really want to do one too.) JJ, (my little artist) wants us to do all fifty! (He loves projects! And daydreaming! And finding creatures in the clouds! I love that boy!) I don’t think we have the time to get them all in, but… we could try. Hum… maybe… If I help… humm. :0)




Well, I don’t know that I will ever make up for all that I missed. But I have a sneaky hunch that this time around I’ll remember more of it! Plus, I have my kids to keep reminding me of the things we’ve learned!

I love homeschooling!


P.S. JJ is the only one that drew his own items for his state… if you are wondering how Harris has such a great looking cannon…etc… he and Guy colored them and cut them out! JJ drew his own and then colored them. He didn’t know he could “cheat”!

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