My Babies in Bee Suits!

We had the best day!

We went on a field trip to Two Doves Farm. Even though it has nothing to do with what we are studying at the time… we got an invitation to visit… so we took them up on it!

Oh my goodness! We loved it!!!!!

At first, before we left the house, one of the boys was saying that he really didn’t see why we had to go look at a bunch of plants. Didn’t really “feel” like going, and offered to stay home alone and do some school work as opposed to going.

I made him go.


He is so glad I did!!

The boys were thrilled to see how broccoli grows! They like it a lot and it was fun to see that is not a small tree… but the center of a low lying bush type plant! We even got to eat some of it! The boys said it was sweeter and tastier than what we get in the stores!

We picked raspberries! Yummm.

They enjoyed seeing how so many things grow, and then we got to see Mr. Larry check the bee hives! Miss Twyla put JJ in a bee suit so he could help out and get a closer look! It was so cool!

Harrison wanted a turn in the bee suit so he could get real close to the hives!

The Miniature Bee Keeper!

It truly was a great experience!

I had forgotten to take my camera out of the car for the first half of the day… but thank goodness I got to it before we did the bees! I would have cried if I hadn’t gotten any pictures of this!

The boys favorite part was the chickens!

And since I am being hounded by a son that wants to use the computer… I will post about the chickens later tonight after they are in bed… or tomorrow before daylight! Uggh. (I always wanted them to get good on the computer and be comfortable using it, but now I see I didn’t know what I was talking about!)

I should have shut-up at least until they had their own computer!

I’m not good at sharing.



But it was a GREAT day!!!


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One response to “My Babies in Bee Suits!

  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Kids love bees, as long as they are inside a safe bee suit. Come to think of it, most adults would rather be in a bee suit, too.

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