Thursday at Noon…

I just got the call that this coming Thursday at noon the magazine gal and her photographer are coming to my house to do the shoot for an article coming out for the Holidays in a local magazine!

Oh, my, word.

Okay… I am good. I’m fine.

I spent most of yesterday making little creatures for my Truly Christmas Event centerpiece. I had a ball in my studio all day… in and amongst doing laundry! I got two critters completed and three more ready to bake and then paint. I had so much fun!!

But the drawback to all that fun is that I aggravated my left thumb and wrist. So now I am in a splint again.


Here is a sneak peek at some of the critters…I only have 15 more to go! (Hands willing.)

Now I will just have to find the positive side of this and keep pushing forward! I was having a “chat” with God awhile ago and expressed my confusion to Him of giving me a talent(which I give Him all the credit)… and then having it squelched every time I attempt to use it! He told me to have patience and a good attitude.

I’m trying.



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One response to “Thursday at Noon…

  1. Oh, those are CUTE! And congrats on the inteview. You are most definitely talented — beautiful work!

    No problem at all about the Tag. They are fun.

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