An Hour With JJ

Okay, well… it was a little longer than an hour… but an hour with JJ sounded better than an hour and forty minutes with JJ!

I had to make another run to Michaels craft store today and JJ volunteered to go with me. We had the best time! Being with him alone is like taking a whole bottle of happy pills! He just has this way about him. He reaches that place in your heart that doesn’t often get touched. You know, that place around the back… that soft side! He can do it with just a smile… but add to that a great conversation… sharing the love of art supplies… and his wonderful sense of humor… and you have a moment of bliss!

We even sat on the floor and looked at art books until we got so hungry we had to go. We talked about all the things we want to create and accomplish with our creative minds!

It was wonderful!

The only thing this photo is missing is his dimple!



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