Blog Content-Or Whatever…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

I have read at least half a dozen blogs recently that list in one way or another, what constitutes a good blog site. I am interested, at least, to hear what everyone says, but always realize that everyone has their own individual taste. That is what makes this bloggy thing so great!

If they were all the same – how boring.

Yes, I am the middle child and prefer peace and harmony to abound, but I also know that it is our innate differences that make this world a wonderful and interesting place! What I find fun or informative may not be at all what you are interested in. Therefore… you move on and find a blog that stimulates your interests. There are plenty to go around!

I don’t necessarily have to agree with the person to enjoy their writing. I happen to disagree with a lot of people, but don’t find the need to say anything unless it is affecting me or my family in a negative way and I cannot remove myself or my kids from that situation. But in the blog world it is easy to just move on if I don’t like the content! I have so many blogs that I like that I don’t have enough computer time to see them all every day. Sad, but true. My REAL life comes first under all circumstances. I believe the blog world will still be here when my kids are grown and gone!

I do not find it my job to change anyone’s mind or political position… or religious belief for that matter! But I don’t mind a good discussion on any of them. The problem is that what used to be conversations between people of differences of opinion, has turned into heated and unnecessary arguments. You know what? Who cares if they don’t agree with you. Truth is… some folks are NEVER going to see it your way. That is just a fact! You won’t change that by ranting and raving on a blog site about it! Albeit entertaining!

I thought that this bloggy thing was about folks sharing their lives, thoughts and feelings about parenthood or whatever their interests are… and just to have an outlet. A place to “gather” so to speak, to encourage one another, to comment on the wonders of our children or this great big wonderful world around us, to live this life to the best of our abilities.To explore places and meet people that you would otherwise not be able to explore and meet!

Yes, I see the world in a hundred shades of grey. No black and white.

Hey, I am no writer… I am struggling most days just to be a good mom and wife! I am not an expert on anything to blog about. I don’t know how to make my blog site pretty. I don’t know how to clip coupons that save me hundreds of dollars – in fact when I do take the time to clip them, I inevitably forget them when I go to the store! I don’t know how to run a business effectively or how to do wonderful things to a photograph on the computer! I don’t have any great advice on homeschooling or curriculums or raising my kids. And I don’t have any deep, moving opinions on the state of our country right now or who to vote for. I can’t teach anyone anything about art… since I don’t know what the heck I’m doing most of the time! I can’t even tell you how I made dinner last night… I made it up as I went… and I have no idea how to make it again no matter how much my family loved it!

This is called flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. I do it in all things. Yes, all. ALL.

Okay, I’m not here advocating this fly-by style… I’m just here to explain that this is how some of us I am. I may sound awful to some of you who have every minute of the day planned out to perfection… I don’t know how you do it. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. Now… I just stay me. But see… there are just so many different types of people in the world! So, of course there will be just as many types of blogs!

Another thing… if I have to worry about my mistakes, errors, blunders, booboos and faux pas… well, I might have to just throw in the towel right now! I am the queen of misspelled words, inadequate punctuation and serious misuse of the English language! Just ask my mom.

Do you know how many times I had to use spell check on that last sentence? I could NOT do a blog if it weren’t for spell check! Seriously.

Listen people… I just want to come on here and express myself. I don’t care about “hit numbers” or comments… although I like them… I am not doing this to be popular! I just want to pass on to my friends and family (that are so far away) what is going on in our crazy, life here in Georgia. (And I’ve enjoyed making some new blog friends as well!)

You all know now what a mess I am. After reading all of this to myself, I am wondering how I ever get through a day!!

I embrace all your ranting and raving. I love your booboos! I encourage your blunders and faux pas. Because then I don’t feel quite so alone here as the queen of blog-inadequacy!!!

Life is short. But oh how sweet it is! So let’s stop and smell the coffee and dough nuts now and then! Let’s encourage and enjoy each others differences. Let’s have that coffee and dough nuts together sometimes!!

I find you all outrageously wonderful!!

And I hope that you will continue to stop by and read my ill-written, non-political, misspelled blog!!

Because… well, just because we are friends, and that’s what friends do!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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4 responses to “Blog Content-Or Whatever…

  1. Iva

    Being a mom, I KNOW you’ve seen Toy Story. My favorite part of the movie where Buzz admits he doesn’t fly – he falls with style.

    That’s me, gf. I’m just falling with style.

    I try to keep it as real as possible and gravitate towards blogs that do the same – like yours.


  2. I am smiling! What blog/s brought this on:):):):):)

    Thank you for your comments on today’s post. I think you are right.

    I get what you are saying about this blog thing. It can get wierd. I just want to blog how I want to as a creative outlet and to meet neat people like yourself;)

    I had someone tell me I shouldn’t meme’s. Sometimes I like them. I don’t feel pressure to do them though. I don’t follow the crowd just because. If I like something I will do it:)

    Anyhooooo…………have a super great weekend Heidi!

  3. Having been (probably) one of those half dozen blogs, you already know what I think. Of course anyone can write whatever they want, but I also have the right to choose what I will read. I don’t expect everything I write to appeal to every one of my readers, and many people might not care for my style at all, and that’s okay, too.

  4. I’m glad that it wasn’t me. At first I was afraid it was, so I didn’t comment. I took no offense at it, but I was afraid you might have taken offense at what I said. Isn’t blogging a strange form of communication?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Hi-D!

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