Hooded Warbler

This last April the boys and I did a study on birds.

It was a wonderful study and we all enjoyed it so much!! I didn’t think the boys would really get into it …but they were very interested and now know 55 out of 3 bizzilion types of birds.

Well, 56 after this one day I will tell you about!

I was in my bathroom applying my artistic abilities to my tired face and hair when one of the boys came running in screaming that I had to come quick. Do you know how many times in my life as a mom I have ran with palpitating heart and stomach in my throat just to find that they wanted me to see what a cute position their cat was lying in or have me see a commercial on TV showing that “toy” they wanted for Christmas?

Yes, well, so… my response time has slowed in recent years. God forbid there actually be a limb torn from a boys body or something… I would hate to be late for that.

Well, I did finally get into the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about – because by now they were all yelling and jumping around. They pointed to the front porch and on the ground by the window was this little sweetie.

He wasn’t really moving much… and I wanted to get him before my dogs did! That would be an event I don’t want a front seat to!

I picked him up and he was breathing, but his legs weren’t working.

We did the necessary birdy-first aid on him. (Nothing really… it’s just that I want to think we I “saved” the creature because of something we I did!)

After about half an hour he started using his legs more. I kept telling the boys that he more than likely wouldn’t live. I have seen it many times… you think he is fine because there are no apparent injuries, but then it dies. Internal or head injury I guess or maybe just from shock.

Well, I coaxed it and talked to it and the whole time the boys were sitting around me with all the bird books trying to figure out what he was. NONE of them had a bird that looked like him.

But… since we had just studied birds and knew that the beak and feet shape/size have something to do with the difference between species, we determined that he was some kind of warbler. But still could not find him in any books. However, this allowed me to have a base (a starting point) for my web search.

When he was finally able to stand/perch on my finger… I got on the computer and found him! He was a Hooded Warbler!

We named him Crash!

He sat on my shoulder for almost two hours. I took him outside to see if he would fly off, but he wouldn’t. So we put him in a shoe box and took him with us to tennis practice.

When we go home he still wouldn’t fly off.

So, I just let him stay on my shoulder or in a small cage I had. By late afternoon he was drinking water and chirping! Once again I took him outside to set him free. He didn’t go.

The boys and I had a great time studying and caring for Crash! He was such a special surprise!

Later that evening, after he had plenty of water, we took him out one more time. He stretched his wings and then flew off the back deck (with a little shove encouragement) and landed in the back yard. Immediately he began pecking around at bugs! Onece I saw that he was eating I figured he would be fine!

Eventually he headed into the woods.

We never saw him again.

After reading up about him on line, I found out that they are not very common at all. My aunt, is into birds and she said she has never seen one. How lucky were we, that we got to not only see one, but hold one!

We wished Crash a long and happy life!




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5 responses to “Hooded Warbler

  1. What an incredible experience for your kiddos! I love that he both stayed a while and then returned back to the woods–it’s the best of both, I’d say!

    Gorgeous birdie, beautiful story!


  2. AWWWWWWWWWWW! I love this. The pictures, the story and (sorta) the ending:):) While I am glad he was OK I was hoping to get to the end and read that you kept him since he seemed not to want to leave. Wouldn’t that be the coolest if you end up seeing him again. Maybe put out food and water??????

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog!!! What a fun thing this blogging is huh? šŸ™‚ I sure hope you come back and visit me more – I like company as I have only the cat as an estrogin sister – with all the boys… I get lonely!
    What a gorgeous bird!! We have blue birds here and I had one that stalked me for months, yes I am serious. He would fly to all the windows of the house, until he found the room I was in. Then he would hang on the screen and watch me…. freaked me out alittle. He ended up hitting the window a little to hard and fell into my rain barrel full of water – i felt SO BAD – but his children live on, because one of them is doing THE SAME THING – we no longer have a rain barrel…. LOL

  4. Adventure girl… I too wanted to keep him, just because I hoard critters…but when I looked up what they eat, and found out it is strictly bugs… I decided I wanted him to be free!! I have bugs for too many other things!! My husband is about to kick me out and call the exterminator!! He was fine… he just didn’t know he could fly again yet!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, what a blessing to have this little creature choose to stick around for a while and then move on when the time was right. He (she?) obviously knew he was safe with you until he could look after himself. I’m always profoundly affected by any unexpected brush with nature I have. Wonderful photos.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit my virtual home. I always love to meet new people and share a laugh or two. Please feel free to drop by again, any time.


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