Food for Thought

I truly don’t know how some of you do it! The photos of food preparation and perfect kitchens. It just isn’t my world I guess!! I decided to share my experience of making sweet potato spice cookies on Friday with ya’all… but when I downloaded my photos all I saw was a messy kitchen and yucky looking cookie dough! It just didn’t work for me. Even the picture of the finished product looked absolutely inedible!

Fortunately for me… my kids could smell them before they saw them… and they thought they were delicious!!

My kids will eat anything though… so this isn’t a shocking discovery!

Today… I thought I would take some photos of my best banana bread and share those instead. What couldn’t you love about good ole banana bread – eh?

Like no one has ever seen the steps of making banana bread! tsss.

Well, besides the fact that I got all caught up in the making of the actual bread and not the photographic mindset of shooting the process… I took absoulotly zero pictures! Yes, zero. Nodda. Zip. Zilch.

Yea… great start there hi-d!! Your going to fit in here real good. Ugh.

It’s okay, because it was a chaotic mess anyway. The boys came up one at a time this morning rubbing their eyes and asking for coffee and waffles. I will make their coffee (decaf mom)  but I won’t make the waffles on this morning. Sunday morning is “fend for yourself breakfast“! Unless Dad is here… he cooks a big Sunday morning b-fast most of the time… but sadly he has been gone for over a week, and we have two more weeks to go until his return. (we miss him – not just his Sunday morning b-fast’s!)

Anyway, back to the baking. The kitchen is not big enough for us anyway… and then when I cook or bake… and someone wants a sandwich, a burrito, a waffle, or even coffee… well forget about it! It’s a fiasco!

So my banana bread layout was infiltrated with coffee cups, creamer and spoons… paper plates, butter and knives… drips of milk and blobs of jam all over the counter, not to mention the three little boys buzzing in and around the tiny island. You see… when it’s “everyman for himself” style of dinning… everyone gets their own butter knife, coffee cup, spoons and dishes! Consequently… the kitchen is a total disaster in about 2.2 seconds… and then they are gone.


Just like that my days work load increased by several minutes!

Why didn’t I just make breakfast.


Food for thought.

Maybe next time I will.

But guess what? I get to work today cleaning, scrubbing, folding and organizing while smelling the delicious smell of fresh banana bread!!

mmmmm mmmmm mm!

It’s all good!



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One response to “Food for Thought

  1. Ahhhhhhhh! You should be proud of your messy kitchen. It means you use it alot;) Wish I lived closer so I could come over for coffee and banana bread;)

    I gave you an award over at my place.

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