I Am Sad

I can not access any of my photos. But worse… they may all be lost. I am no great photographer, but I do love my pictures!

I am very sad.

Not going to be on here as much until I get my PC fixed or get a new one.

Also, it is not looking good for going out to California for the weekend.

I am bummed to the hilt.

But really… if this is the worst I have to deal with… life is good.



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3 responses to “I Am Sad

  1. Good to keep a positive attitude but that is still poopy. I am sorry. I hope you get them back. Why can’t you go to Cali?

  2. Anonymous

    Heidi! That stinks! I save my images on Flickr that way I know they won’t be lost, or at least I hope they won’t be lost. Keep me informed – and if you get a new computer GET A MAC! You won’t ever have those problems again.


  3. Oh, no, what happened? Were they stored on your hard drive and now you just can’t access them? Or did they get deleted? I’m sorry to hear that.

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