Tell Me What You Would Recomend…

I have been told by some folks to get a Mac – that I will like it much better. And then by others – NO WAY… you want a PC.

Geez… I don’t know what the difference is and I want to know what most of you use. Please take this poll and then leave a comment telling me why if you have a good reason behind it!

Thanks SO much!!



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7 responses to “Tell Me What You Would Recomend…

  1. Iva

    Okay, this is straight from My Man Beast’s mouth (a computer geek in his own right):

    “It depends on what she [you] wants it for. If she [you] is doing graphical editing, she’ll [you] want a Mac. But if she’s [you] just using her computer for day to day stuff, there’s no sense in getting a Mac.”

    That said, I believe Ree over at Pioneer Woman uses a Mac and I do believe she loves it – along with her iPhone…LOL

  2. From what I hear, PC is the best (which is what I have.) I hear too many problems with software (and support) when it comes to MAC, though others may vary in their opinion. (But most people, by far, use PC.)

  3. I have never used a Mac so I can’t give a fair sided argument. At first using Vista took some getting used to but I really do enjoy it now. Good luck on your quest.

  4. I can’t recommend one or the other because I really don’t know.
    My very first computer was a mac and I loved it. I was going to college at the time (I went after the girls were born) and Mac is what most colleges use. Megs just got a Mac laptop. They are known for their artist abilities, you being an artist would be interested in this. They use to not be compatiable with some common programs but that is not a prob anymore. I would have one now if it were not for the cost differnce.

    I would google the diffence between the two and see the experts have to say;) Good luck!

  5. Thank you my dear bloggy friends – I am investigating this further and am anxious to get anything right now!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my place today and leaving your wonderful comment. I’m as computer illiterate as they come and still be able to function on the keyboard. My coping strategy is to surround myself with computer savvy friends who don’t disown me when I come to them in a panic over a computer related problem. (although in truth, I think some have come really close). I use a PC because that’s all I’ve ever used and mine was a gift from an old boyfriend. I’ve been told that Macs are the way to go though, as far as user friendliness is concerned.

    Good luck with your decision!


  7. I never had a Mac either and don’t know anyone with one, so I am afraid I can’t help you with that one. I would think as long as you got one with the right hardware, software and memory to do what you need it for, plus find it at a reasonal price, that either would be fine.
    Now…. I have an award for you at my site.
    Have a great day.

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