Absenses Makes The Heart Grow Fonder…

I miss my bloggy friends!

You may not be growing fonder of me… since I haven’t been on here for a while, but I do think about you all and wonder what everyone else is blogging about! I wonder about all of you that I visit on a regular basis! And for my friends and family that come on here to read about what is going on in my life… well, I’m sorry… you haven’t been getting much information lately have you?

Here is what is going on…

My computer is still down. My good friend Matt sent me a spare part in hopes that we could just unplug and plug in sort of thing…but it didn’t work. I now have my PC at the PC Fixer guys! I am hopeing he gets it running real soon! I miss it. And Darren is getting irritated with me using his!

Also, I am very busy getting my latest project finished. Truly Christmas is this coming Sunday! I will put photos of my centerpiece on here when I get my computer back!

So, between a) no PC, b) teaching the boys, c) working in my studio, d) nursing a nasty burn from an industrial glue gun, and occationaly feeding my family, I have had VERY little time to be on my blog site. But I will come back soon! With pictures!

Blessings to all and I look forward to catching up with you all next week perhaps!


P.S. Heidi (Adventure Girl Wannabe) I will get over there and get those awards as soon as I can! Thanks!



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5 responses to “Absenses Makes The Heart Grow Fonder…

  1. It’s good that you only feed your family occasionally. If you fed them more often, they would come to expect it!

    Hope to see you around more soon, hi-d!

  2. Hi There
    Well we are busy here! Check out my blog. I took a few pics. of the girls.
    Finishing my class, will be done with it this week. I am planning on going to Truly Christmas. Need to talk to Branndan! My brother is coming next week. My parents are coming in Dec. so lots going on!
    We are doing well, busy but good!
    Hugs and love
    Holly 🙂

  3. So glad you are back;) You better get some of those awards:):):):):):)

  4. Once you get up and running, would you care if I linked your blog to mine?


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