Your Hot… Sauce!

Gerrit and I made hot sauce the other day. It was quite the experience.

Some of the family could not take the smell of the boiling vinegar. They made quite the dramatic fuss over it all. The coughing, sputtering and gasping for air… geez. You’d think I was gassing them.

They had to leave.

“If you can’t take the smell, get out of the kitchen” , I always say! (not really)

Guy making hot sauce

But Gerrit was a trouper.

He crushed up these little babies and cooked them right into a fine hot pepper sauce!

Then we filled these tall jars with the sauce…

hot sauce seal

…and melted red crayons and poured them over the cork.

That was the best part!

To be real honest with you… we don’t like the sauce very much. We will try it again sometime… and see what we can do about that, but for now… it looks nice.

hot sauce

Now that all my friends know it isn’t the best tasteing stuff… I guess I can’t give these two away as gifts.

Humm. I should have thought this through a little better.





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2 responses to “Your Hot… Sauce!

  1. My you are ambitious. I only make salsa with all our tomatoes every summer but you have taken it to a new level. Cool.

  2. Funny! I would have loved the crayon part the best too;) What fun to do with your kids;)

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