I Like Wooden Blocks!

Harrison had wooden blocks on his Christmas list last year.

He said “ya know mom, if I’m gunna be a builder… I’m gunna havt ta have some blocks to work with.”

I had a heck of a time finding them.


When I did come across them, I got three boxes!

It’s a good thing too…

cuz all the boys like playing with them (and me too!) so there is plenty to go around! We have fun, but Harrison… he’s the serious builder!




And JJ has the most creative sculptures!


Even the big kid likes’em!


and the boys somehow can’t just build things… they have to have “contests”!!

Who can build the tallest one?

Who can build the sturdiest one?

Who can build the fanciest one?

Who can build the crookedest one without falling over!?

and on and on…

Harrison was even writing with them!


and he & I did a layout of a house too.


He asked to use the camera one day to take shots of all his buildings… and the destruction of the aforesaid buildings! I went off on my merry way, and the next day or so later when I went to download my camera… it had almost 100 pictures of blocks. Built blocks, piles of blocks, rows of blocks etc…


I guess there is a photography lesson in there somewhere too eh?

Blocks are good,

Blocks are fun,

Blocks are made for everyone!

(Blocks are also painful when you step on them!)




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3 responses to “I Like Wooden Blocks!

  1. I wish my grandchildren liked blocks, blocks are so much fun.


  2. I love blocks. We use them a lot in my kindergarten Sunday school class. We had a hard time finding them, too, but found some on Craig’s list (they look like they’re the same set as you have). I think the kids enjoy destroying them as much (probably more) as they enjoy building with them.

  3. You’re right — good, old-fashioned blocks are a GREAT toy! I might have to look for some for Christmas. Cute photos and cute kids!

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