Draw Your Life

Today after our regular studies… I had an idea! Here I was with all four of my boys sitting around the living room, talking and reminiscing… and I realized that I wanted that moment forever. I wanted to capture it, but a photograph wouldn’t do. So I passed out clipboards with a blank sheet of paper on it, and asked them each to do a drawing that might depict their life. No right or wrong way to draw it… just draw something that represents something about you!

We had utter and complete silence in the room (except for the Christmas music in the background) while we all drew. No one talked, giggled or tried to look at another’s drawing. It went on for about 15+ minutes.

When all of the pencils were down… we started sharing… from youngest to oldest.

Harrison’s is of him and his family, and all their pets in heaven:

Harrison's Under his name are Jesus, God and the little dark sphere is The Holy Spirit!

And of course he has Satan confined in a tube being electrocuted!

(don’t ask me… we have never discussed him being in a tube… or being electrocuted!)


JJ’s is of all the things he likes to do or looks forward to:


He said the question mark picture is a mess up… but then if you go down a bit you will see him cooking in his chef hat! The next picture is of “his heaven”, then playing video games, seeing his favorite foods… cantaloupe and cilantro! Him being happy and then lastly… his whole family hugging each other!


Gerrit’s is also about things he likes:


His did not scan well, I don’t know why. But he has drawn that he likes that Christ is in Christmas, Homeschooling, looking at clouds, his cat Lulu, his favorite food; pumpkin pie, grits and mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Also, Taco Bell, riding a lizard (?), video games, running and dreaming about playing the guitar.


And then Darren. He took quite a while to think about his before he drew anything:


He loves thunder storms, Taco Bell, The Game Stop shop, his truck, his old job driving a truck for 1-800-GotJunk, his current job at Publix, Jesus dying on the cross for him, and as you can see… the road is headed west! That is where he plans to go back to. And the castle in the sky thing is just because he likes castles and felt like drawing it! It is a part of who he is.


And my drawing:


…is of me and my boys on the couch reading the Bible, with a stack of library books beside us to read next! (That is one of my favorite things to do!) My turtle Jerri, my husband Dave… drinking coffee, paint brushes – which I have a fetish for, and a big pot of something that I con-cocked for dinner.

That was so fun!

The kids were supportive and happy for each other and their drawings!

I am sure there are lots of ways one could use this type of exercise. My boys love to draw…  but if your kids likes to make lists or cut out pictures from magazines or paint… I mean you could do a bunch of things… as long as the kids are getting to convey who they are through their artwork.

Happy drawing!




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4 responses to “Draw Your Life

  1. That is the coolest idea ever!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed going threw one. I got tears when looking yours over. The love I could see for your family. How sweet! So precious! I am so happy for you! You are a great mother!

  2. All the drawings are wonderful!
    That was such a good idea.
    When my boys were young, we would gather leaves from different type trees and I would tell them the name of the trees.
    We would then take the leaves and lay them under paper and color over them with crayons using different colors for each leaf.
    Your taking time for drawing reminded me of that.
    I recently saw one of the old leaf coloring in a drawer. It brought back such fun memories from long ago.
    I know you and your boys are making fun, lasting memories also.
    Take care.

  3. Those are really neat drawings! I love all the detail on them. I’m always surprised by what children draw.

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