Cleaning A Bathroom 101

Not all of my homeschooling days are filled with pretty music, inspiring stories and coloring or drawing! Some days I have to get down and dirty!

Today… I realized that what my boys think of as clean… is a far cry from what I consider clean. Gender gap? Perhaps… but I am not one of those who believes it impossible for the male species to learn things that are not “natural” for them. And no… I do not want to make my boys into feely-touchy girls with “weewahs”. I just want them to know “HOW” to do almost everything – ya know? Just so they have a well rounded list of abilities. Who knows what life may bring them… single parenting, medically impaired spouse or child, bachelorhood longer than planned… hey… God forbid on all of the above… but it is not a perfect world, and it’s no use in pretending it is!

One of the most used lines from the men in my life was always:  “I didn’t see it”. Whether it be something they were looking for and I found it in 10.2 seconds, something on the floor that needed to be picked up and they stepped over it, a note left for them in plain sight and they still ate the pie, the two bags of chips that were already opened and now we have three opened bags, or their jacket – which they went without – and then I have to take care of them when they get sick!

So… last year I started trying to get …my younger boys at least… to learn to better SEE what they claim they can’t!

I gave them a chore called “see-a-chore”. They were to go around and find something that needed to be done… and DO IT. It could be anything, from change a light bulb, to put some shoes away. Just so that they found the chore that needed to be done and did it!

It’s a fine line we mom’s walk… wanting our boys to be responsible workers… encouraging them to do a good job, and yet not being so picky with their work that we discourage them from caring at all.

But today… I had to intervene and apparently give my “How to clean a bathroom -101” class again! They just weren’t cutting the mustard – if ya know what I mean!

I had to explain that just wetting the sink and the surrounding counter was not enough! There had to be some type of cleaner and elbow grease involved. And spraying and wiping a circle in the middle of the mirror just does not constitute a clean mirror in my mind!A clean spot… yes. A clean mirror… no.

They looked on… watching me “show them how to clean it” with dull boredom. I could see the gears in their minds working… trying to process how it is that this particular chore has any significance in their life. W h o    c a r e s? is the phrase going across the red, lighted banner sign inside their forehead.

I CARE… I have to tell them, even if they didn’t ask! I CARE!!! And your future wife will care!!! SO JUST DO IT RIGHT… OKAY?

Alright… I admit I may have overdone it today. I may have crossed that fine line. I may have gone and discouraged them from ever wanting to have a nice clean bathroom at all. I may have just made them desire to live in filth… when they move out… but hey… I’m only human.

At least my future daughter-in-laws will not be able to say I didn’t try. Cuz I did… and I have the proof… I will just refer them to this particular blog entry! See… blogging is good!





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2 responses to “Cleaning A Bathroom 101

  1. Nagisa

    How universal that men just do not see what to be done! I usually find mess when I come home from yours in the summer. Not that Yuji has intention to ignore filth, but he just doesn’t see.. and it is not getting any better when his eyes are getting older. BUT Kaoru surprised me just last Friday when he came home from school and saw disarraied shoes of A/C installation guys. (We had to replace one in the living room)He automatically put them in order with toes facing the door!! I do not remember telling him ever. I saw hope in the younger generation here!
    Oh, if Darren is wondering who the heavy breather on his cell phone, it is also Kaoru. He may call soon again. have a nice day!

  2. Ooh, I like the idea of see-a-chore. Gets them outside of theirselves a little bit and covers things that might not be a part of the regular chore list!

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