I Love the Snow!

Thank you wordpress!!

It doesn’t always snow here in Georgia, but last January we got some, and that is when the picture in the header was taken! My boys loved it… and so did I!

I don’t really want to go out in it much, but I love how it makes me feel all cozy inside. I also love to cook when it’s cold and dark outside too!

I wish I could have all of you over for a hot cup of coffee and some sweet breads. I would makeyour coffee however you like it…



with cream…


with fancy cream…


or if ya just want half a cup…


What a wonderful picture I have in my mind right now! Old friends and new… gathered around the fireplace… smiling, talking…Christmas music playing in the background… and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, pine trees, cinnamon candles and sugar cookies! Mmm, mmm, mmm… don’t get a whole lot better’n that!

Here’s to all of you!!


Merry Christmas, keep warm and stay safe!

But most of all, enjoy yourselves and keep a smile on your face!


It makes them wonder what you’re up to!





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6 responses to “I Love the Snow!

  1. Nagisa

    OK. I sent a comment and finished mixing all the ingredients for gingerbreaed cookies. This will have to go to freezer for now. It is Monday morning here and I will have to be off to work in couple of hours! Y’all have a nice cozy evening!

  2. Yes Linda… I will have a cup of tea for you!!

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, I would so be over in a heartbeat! Sounds like a terrific plan, hmmm too bad we can’t but I will drink my hot chocolate now and think of ya, Heidi!

  4. I’ll take a cup with extra cream! YUM. Coffee and snow lover here, too!

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