How Do You Envision Angels?

I have talked with my boys since they were very little about their angel and how he is their protector. I’ve told them that he is a mighty angel and carries a big fiery sword to fight off  Satan and his demons.

Well… have you ever seen any angels that look  like that?

Me neither.

The tree top angel I had for many years was an elegant gal with lots of lace and froo froo. It was a nice angel,  so far as a “fake” angel can be, and it was just fine as a tree topper for me…  but I decided that with a house full of boys we needed a kick ass tough and durable angel on top of our tree.

So, here is my attempt at it.


(click on picture to see bigger)

I hope to make a few more as gifts… but some of the action figures I got are just plain creepy looking and nothing I have been able to do has yet to changed that creepiness… so I will need to go in search of more action figure guys here soon.

Oh… and don’t get me wrong… I don’t think that angels are all guys. But they are not all girls either. Humm. I don’t think they are either. I can see that some of you might not agree… or maybe you have never thought about it.

It is perplexing. But thank goodness it doesn’t matter!

Look up some of the references to angels in the Bible sometime and most of them had/have male names and tough, strenuous jobs. The delicate little angel on my tree top for so many years could not have possibly “take care of the family business” very well.

Anyway… just messing around… and thought I would share!

The boys like this angel and given the choice… they’d rather this one watch over them than the one who looked like it might break if a small breeze came up.

So here’s to angels… big, small, fancy, rough, male or female. How ever you see them… however they are… I am very glad we have them!!

Tell me what you think angels are like.




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4 responses to “How Do You Envision Angels?

  1. This post made me smile. My DH has a big pet peeve over “girly” angels. He insists that they are male (at least the ones mentioned in the Bible) and TOUGH. Yours is great!

  2. When my grandmother was dying, (93) she kept telling my mother (69), that there was an angel waiting at the foot of her bed. She got really flustered when Momma told her that she couldn’t see the angel, Grams really wanted Momma to see her.

    There are angels… I know and I believe.


  3. I think that looks much more like the angels the Bible describes than any that I’ve ever seen!

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