Wow…what a great week!

Towards the end of Christmas vacation, I start to wonder how I am going to get these guys back into the routine of school. It seems to always be so tough those first few weeks days. I do NOT look forward to that first Monday, as I am sure most teachers dread it. But I have to tell you… this year… it just wasn’t bad at all!


I was shocked Monday at the smoothness and joy we had that day. On Tuesday I didn’t know what to expect… but it was great as well! And so on throughout the whole week!! Amazing. Who would have thunk it?

So… now I am trying to figure out what made it so good.

You know… when you find something that works… keep it!! I just don’t know what it was!! Could be the walks we started taking every day. Could be the scripture we are memorizing. Could be that I put myself on computer restriction! Could also be that my “blue mood” is much better. Or it could just be that they are growing up, maturing, and making better choices.


Well, what ever it was… I surly hope it is still here with us for next week. This was nice. And I needed nice this week!

I hope all of you had a good week too.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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2 responses to “Wow…what a great week!

  1. What cute boys! You have a great set of kids.


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