I Won!

Thank you to Ronnica over at Ignorant Historian !! She had a drawing and I won a $50 dollar gift card to Target!!

How wonderful is that?! Thank you Ronnica!

She is a kick… you must go check out her blog if you have not already. She used to be Kansas Girl. (Geez… I think that is what her blog was called. So sorry Ronnica, I’ve already let that information out of my brain to make room for the new blog name!!) Anyway, go check her out and I promise you won’t be sorry!

Oh, and I do hope you get to feeling better soon Ronnica.

Here is a little potion recipe for you.

I make my boys drink this when they are coughing or sniffleing… or looking like they are going to cough or sniffel! :0)

Harry is a great little "potion" taker!

Harry is a great little "potion" taker!

One of them HATES the stuff and wears a nose plug to gag it down… but the other two young ones and myself actually like it!

I make it in bulk… but I reduced the recipe just for you.

Mama’s Potion

3 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar (the good kind… not processed. It says it has “Mothers” in it. That is important.)

3 Tbsp. lemon juice

3 Tbsp. warm water

4 Tbsp. honey

Mix it up good and drink a shot of that every hour or so and it’ll fix ya right up! (Warm it up in the microwave if you want)

Eat lots of fresh garlic too. That is a wonderful natural immune system booster. Yea… it will make you smell… but who wants to be around you right now anyway?

Bless you!





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4 responses to “I Won!

  1. Oh how fun! The gift card, that is. Not the potion 😉

    Iron Man made a similar concoction for me when I had a cold that lasted a month… *shudder* He gave me garlic to eat too. While I love garlic, I don’t like to eat it raw. You are right that those are all great boosts to the immune system. I just wish they tasted a little better.

  2. Werid, that was my grandfather’s potion, and I still use it.

    What a nice surprise $50!


  3. Linda, how cool that this potion has been around that long! I love it! I got it from a little spanish lady that baby sat my oldest son many, many years ago. She had all the kids she sat for on it at different times.
    Yes, I agree Michelle that a lot of the good stuff tastes or smells real bad. But if you can get it down the pipes… it is worth it!

  4. Hmm, I think that if I tried to drink that I’d be sick another way…haha.

    I am (now!) feeling better, thanks!

    Oh, and thanks for the wonderful shout out…I hope that you’ll enjoy the giftcard! (And the old blog was called Tale of a Kansas Girl, so you were right)

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