Year Books

I have been lucky enough to be able to figure out how to upload and edit photos from our whole year, to, for the kids year books! It is fun for me to design and reminisce over the past year.


I get each one of the boys a small size of the book and get myself a larger hard bound version. I do a different color cover every year, and have a boys group photo or family photo in the window on the front of the book.


They are easy and fun to do. You can change up the layout of pictures and background of each page to fit the season or event… or what ever. The key for me is to work on it a little at a time throughout the year… instead of spending two entire days doing it at the end of the year (like I did the first time). That way you have time to go over it more than once to edit or change it up somewhat.

This will be my third year of making the year books for the boys. And my biggest problem so far is that every year the books get bigger and bigger! It is very hard for me to cut back and delete some of the pages that I took the time to create!

The boys don’t seem to care much when they come in the mail… but some day they will be so happy to have these little reminders of their home schooled days.





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2 responses to “Year Books

  1. That’s a good idea, especially since they will each have one to take with them when they start their own families. I have very few pictures from my childhood as my parents have most of them.

  2. What a great idea! I think we’ll do this.

    When my first two children were very little, I would scrapbook. They each have a lovely “labor of love” scrapbook from their babyhood. My 3rd child has a photo album. Babies 4, 5, and 6 don’t have anything of the sort. They’ve had tons of pictures taken of them, but I haven’t made any special photo keepsakes for them.

    I think that when each of them is about to graduate, I’ll make an elaborate shutterfly album documenting their entire life… That ought to do it, huh? In the mean time though, I just love your yearbook idea.

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