Do Cartoons Seem to be Getting Dumber?

I don’t know for sure… but it seems to me that the cartoons they have on these days are getting dumber and dumber!

That can’t be good.

I feel like it “dumbs down my kids” when they watch it.

I used to enjoy sitting down and watching a cartoon with the boys every now and then, but today I realized that even the ones I thought were kind of funny a year or so ago, have “new episodes” and obviously new writers,  they are awful.

What the heck?

Why can’t our kids enjoy some good cartoons in their childhood? Like I am sure most of us did. Although our moms probably thought the same things I am!

Admittedly, I am not a fan of the TV.  Never have been. I have resented it most of my life. It took away the closeness of our family many years ago when my parents gave in to “social pressures” and bought a television.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I watch TV. But I can take it or leave it. In fact when I do find a good show that I like to watch… I can never remember to stop what I’m doing and go watch it, or even when it is on.

I did used to watch Dr. Phil while I made dinner, but haven’t seen him in over a year. And I truly admire Ceaser Malone (the Dog Whisperer) I could watch him all day! (But I have seen most of them now!) House, CSI, NCSI, The Closer, 24, Law and Order and American Idol are ones that I will watch if I come across them, but I am very sad at what they have for my kids to watch. I haven’t found any that I am happy about. At least on the kids channels.

I am not okay with them seeing kids as young as themselves “dating”. I just don’t think that is a good idea. Nor is talking about some of the stuff they talk about so openly. That content should be saved to hear from your parents, not some overpaid Hollywood teenie bopper.

Fortunately my boys  like Man vs. Wild, Myth Busters, History Channel shows, Animal Planet stuff and some of the True TV shows. They even like the Food network! Gotta love it! We watched a cooking show the other day and we wrote down the recipe. Then we went to the store and purchased what we needed, came home and made it! It was SO fun!

So, even though I am not always pleased with what is on TV… there is some good that can be found in it. At least that is what I keep telling myself! I struggle with making TV watching an okay thing to do.

I know… I don’t know.




P.S. My appologies to the Dog Whisperer, spelled Cesar Millan, not Ceaser Malone. Sorry… my bad.



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5 responses to “Do Cartoons Seem to be Getting Dumber?

  1. I saw a study about two years ago that said all cartoons formed in the Japanese style (sharp points and jagged lines) makes kids anxious and angry after they watch, while cartoons done in a round/ball like format makes children relaxed and calm EVEN if it is Tom chasing Jerry.

    I can’t find the study for you or I would send it your way, but I am very careful to monitor all cartoons now when the grandchildren are at the house.


  2. Nagisa

    I just felt like I need to butt in here. It is not just Japanese style that makes kids do crazy things, I hope. I was gonna comment that I do like classic Disney or Tom and Jerry better than what I see these days, just got a bit protective of my country’s reputation. If I may say so, American dramas have brought in whole lot more of violence and s*x into not only your living rooms, but into ours across the ocean. Anyways, we, good parents should monitor what our kids are expose on TV and on PC these days for sure.

  3. Nagisa and Linda… I thank you both for your comments… I was (as I’ve told Linda already) refering initially to Sponge Bob… which I used to enjoy with the boys! I won’t get into which country makes more violent kids with their cartoons!! I know neither one of you meant any harm to the other. We are very fond of Japan at this house… and I feel that both countries have some cartoons with negative content! You both stated (Linda said more in an email) that it is up to us as parents/grandparents to screen what our kids watch! She meant no harm to Japan in general! But I understand your wanting to defend your country Nagisa! Darren did too!
    I love you both!

  4. Nagisa

    thanks for the update. I kinda regretted positng my previous comment. I do not know the effect of juggared lines and other fomat they use, but I do know it is done to cut down the cost of making animations. You see lots of examples in the old Speed Racer and the likes made when I was little.
    I think it all comes down to how an individual embraces the content of each animation. Some are plain dumb, some have messages. Do tell Linda I meant no offense. I usually enjoy what Kaoru watch on TV and I do say what I like and don’t , teaching him hopefully to be on guard.

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