Of All The Nerve…

Some people just have got some nerve.

Okay, I am looking… slowly… for a small dog for my youngest son’s eighth birthday. I believe that there are a lot of good dogs out there that need a loving home, and I am not one to feel that I need a “full breed” dog. In fact I am quite fond of orphaned, abandoned and rescued things… be it kids, birds, critters or in this case dogs. So I am looking for a young, small, female dog to join our family or pack, as Cesar Millan would say!

Well, I found a darling little girl… such a cute face and looked like a “Harrison kind of dog”, so I wrote to the “foster” parent and requested to get more information and to find out what the fee was.

In return… I get questioned as to why my two current dogs are outside. So… I take my time and politely answer the question. They LIKE it outside and have a job to do! Guard us! They are very good at it… just ask some of my friends! (So sorry Julie.) They come in occasionally… but after a nice nap they are ready to get back outside and get to work! (or in a thunderstorm or tornado!!)

Anyway… back and forth the emails go… but not once does she tell me anything about the little dog I am asking about. She just keeps going on about my two dogs being outside.

Okay. I know people differ on how to have a dog. I am SO okay with that. If you want to put little dresses on your dog or carry it around in a purse and treat it like a human baby… well you go right ahead. Even though I think it is silly? Hey… it’s your dog. If you want to humiliate it in public… that’s your business. If I want to have my two big stinky, lovable labs outside, protecting their family from the “evil” mailman… well that’s my business… isn’t it?

If they were living in deplorable conditions… being beaten, neglected or mistreated in any way… that is another story. But they are not. They are LOVED and loved on every day.

Needless to say… that will not be the little dog we bring into our warm, loving home. Poor little dog. She missed out on a forever home with a good family and a great little master all because her “foster” mom got her britches in a bunch over my two fat and happy outdoor dogs that I’ve successfully taken care of for 7 and 4 years.

So… the search continues.


aaaahh… I feel a little better.




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3 responses to “Of All The Nerve…

  1. Sandy

    I’m back in town and catching up on my Heidi! This brings back memories of the beagle Sam’s foster mom who came over to ‘inspect’ my home and thought I wasn’t good enough for Sam because I’m a single mom and have a job and wouldn’t be home enough – even though at the time I was working 6 hr days…………..I was so offended and the dog shelter people (the one that is on the cable tv channel in Newnan) kept my $100…………..I was so mad! I actually think the foster parents get attached and make up stuff about the people who want to adopt and then finally realize they are doing it because they are going to keep the dog themselves. My take on it anyway. Everyone that knows you knows what a wonderful pet owner, animal rescuer (sp?) you are and you are absolutely right about that little girl missing out on the best home ever. Maybe there’s another little girl who needs a home much worse and God will put her with you. :o)

  2. Umm, dogs are ANIMALS. Until they were domesticated (and probably most of the time sense then, too), they have always lived outside.

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