It is a Somber Day For Me…

I don’t care what anyone says… President Bush has kept us safe for eight years.


I will sorely miss him.



But I am going to think positive and pray for our new President.

(But I do not think I have to like it!)

I am so glad that God is ultimatly in control.




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4 responses to “It is a Somber Day For Me…

  1. Amen, God is in control. I remind myself of that often, when I get nervous thinking about what the next few years may entail. We’re praying for our new president too.

    We will miss President Bush too.

  2. Sandy

    President Bush did keep us safe; he had a difficult job. I am thankful for the service and the sacrifices he made for our country. My thanks to President Bush.

  3. Well, said. You said what I have been feeling. I am supporting the office, I have to learn about how the new one will be… in God’s control.


  4. You took the words out of my mouth.

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