Puppy Search Update

Well, we seem to have found one. I hope she is all that we expect her to be! Which is just a lovable mutt really.

She is a ways away from us, so we plan to take the two hour drive on Sunday!

They don’t know much about her… since she was found as a stray.

But they were real nice and said that our family is just what she needs!

So… we will keep you posted!


We’re anxious to meet her!





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4 responses to “Puppy Search Update

  1. Hey, Hi-D, you have something on my blog! I’m afraid it isn’t as valuable as the last time I said such a thing…

  2. Oooh! I LOVE her!!! She is simply precious!

  3. What a darling dog. Sunday isn’t far now…sometimes, though, it is HARD to wait!


  4. amy

    How cute!! I can’t really tell from the pic, but she looks almost…maybe partly.. like a cairn terrier. I had one growing up and he was a character. Very sturdy and strong-willed (ripped his chain out of the ground & chased a rott away from us in our yard). Have fun going to get her!

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