I Think I’ll Go Eat Worms

Not really. But isn’t there a song like that?

“Nobody likes me , everybody hates me, I think I’ll go eat worms…”

While on our walk the other day we found this…


I know!

It’s over a foot long!

Oh.   My.   Word.

I have never seen a worm so long!

Thankfully Jage was willing to carry it home so I could take a picture of it.

Worms don’t usually gross me out… but this one kind’a did!

No… I didn’t feed it to Jerri!  (Oh, you know me too well!) That would be just too much of a meal for her. But we did find her a smaller one.





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3 responses to “I Think I’ll Go Eat Worms

  1. Worms don’t particularly gross me out, either, but that one would. It’s like a monster worm!

  2. My word!! I have NEVER seen a worm that long. That thing would slither and I haaaaaaaate things that slither.

    But very blogger-like of you to photograph it and write about it 🙂 It’s what we do!! And it makes us COOL!

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