For Dog Lovers Only…


…and only because some of you, I know, don’t care about seeing all my pets all the time. So consider this a fair warning!(grin!) But, I do this  for all the friends and family back home that are curious about our new addition!

I know I told you all about her vet appointment yesterday… so you know about as much as I know in that area, but you just have to see what I caught this morning…






No… not another critter!! Although that is entirely possible…








I caught this picture…


(Jetta – 71/2, Brutus – 41/2, and Kiki – 6-8 months)

Here she is now with her big brother and sister!!

They do so well together and all three LOVE to go for walks together now!

Anyone that knows Brutus and Jetta, know that that is a miracle in-its-self!


I am very pleased with our progress.

And as soon as I can get a little video to upload on here… I will show you her reaction to seeing Harrison when he came home from playing with the neighbor boy!


Yes… she gets plenty of love and affection around here!

She is my little shadow.

And she is doing a lot better with the husband and BIG son. It will just take some time!





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5 responses to “For Dog Lovers Only…

  1. Your doggies posed for you!! That is a perfect picture.

  2. Sandy

    That is incredible – I cannot get one dog to sit and look at me and you got three at one time! Can’t wait to meet Kiki today!

  3. I can’t get my dog to let me take a full face photo, and you got THREE dogs to pose!


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