Ice Bucket… a whole new meaning.

Now this was taken a few weeks ago when we had a good freeze! It didn’t last real long and even though it is cold today, it is not even close to this!

I asked Darren to go out and break the ice on the dogs water bucket and then move it into the garage for them. He knocked on the back door and hollered for me to come out and see this! I was frantically folding a huge pile of clothes and thought he was going to ask me how he should do it, or where it should go (and I didn’t care)… so I went out a bit miffed… until I saw this!


It’s an Ice Bucket!


How cool would it be to intentionally make something like that for a party and have canned or bottled drinks in it!

It was thick too.

Cool. (well, VERY cool actually!)

We have a little video of him throwing it and ice splinters all over like it was glass! But… once again I cannot get it to upload on here. Bummer.

I will keep trying to figure it out.







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2 responses to “Ice Bucket… a whole new meaning.

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen something freeze in such a shape. Boy is that cool!


  2. what about cool, boy or bucket?

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