What a Surprise!

Well, that was my intention anyway.

 It was a surprise party for my good friend BV… turning 40! Some of her other friends and I had been working on this event for some time.  It was coming together nicely. We were lucky enough to be able to get her sister to come all the way down from Maine. (BV’s husband paid for it, AND dinner for all of us!)  He was to tell BV that he was taking her out to eat at Maggiano’s in Atlanta and that they were dropping the boys off at my house on the way up.  

The rest of her friends got to my house at around 5:30, and Dave (my husband) took their cars to the neighbors, who I had gotten permission from, to park the cars down their second (dirt) driveway-that goes down to almost the back of their house, and HIDE them.

There ended up being only two cars to hide – so I felt confident that she wouldn’t see them!

Everything was right on time! Going as planned!

At six o’clock BV shows up and comes in my kitchen through the back door, like always. And like always, I am in the kitchen! But she is grinning from ear to ear and kinda giddy. I say “Hey girl – what are you so gigglie about?” To which she replies, “Oh I don’t know, but I know SOMETHING is up…“. Seeing that she is onto us, I imediatly tell her I have a surprise for her… and she say’s, “Yea, I know Becky and Michelle are here… I saw their cars!”  (WHAT?)
So the girlfriends come jumping out of the dinning room and there’s lots of hugs and laughing… (mostly about the fact that she saw the hidden cars…)

Becky looks disappointed and tells BV that she forgot to be holding the balloons that she got for her… “Oh, go see them“, she say’s, “their in the living room“!  As BV comes around the corner to the living room, there is her sister – holding the balloons!!!!


Now, THAT was a surprise! And a good one too! She was SO happy about seeing her sister who she is so close with and doesn’t get to see very often.


Well, after a few pictures… we left for Maggiano’s in Atlanta. As I was backing out of the driveway… I see them… the cars… NOT HIDDEN AT ALL… AT. ALL. People, I’m serious… AT ALL.

They were just parked at the top of that second driveway.


Men… men out there… please… please, please explain this to me. PLEASE.

I do want to understand. I doooooooooo. I just don’t.

I’m sorry, but this is not even as hard as flying a jet… He can fly a JET!


(Matt… I know he’s your buddy… but ya gotta help me understand here! Throw me a bone – please.)

WHAT in thee HECK was he THINKING?

How is that HIDING cars? Not twenty cars mind you… not even ten. Not even five!!!!!!!


…and that driveway had LOTS of room down it.


Okay… I’m fine. Really.

(((heavy sigh)))

We did have a great evening… and I enjoyed seeing BV so happy at being with her sister! So in that regard it was a big success!

(But I am still very perplexed!)


(Dave was helpful in every other way… and patiently took this photo with three bazillion different cameras!! He and BV’s husband also took all the boys out to eat while we were gone and eagerly waited for us to return!)






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4 responses to “What a Surprise!

  1. What a happy day! Gosh you are my oldest daughter’s age!


  2. becky ouellette

    you explained this so well Heidi! I was laughing just reliving it through your words here! lol But you are right…the best surprise was Shannon and she had no idea of that and was totally surprised!! Good times! 🙂

  3. Warmie

    Ohhhh Newie……….DOH!

    You should have had Harrison park the cars. ;-]


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