The Hunt For Approaching Spring

Today I sent the boys out on an scavenger hunt of sorts.

They were to find signs of Spring  and collect them.


They were to take their time and think about all the ways one could tell that the forest was beginning to stir with Springtime! Find signs of life that has sat dormant through Winter.



They had a quest! And it would be flunked if they didn’t work together… cooperate… with kindness. They didn’t know that I was spying on them for the first few moments!! Then when they passed the test, I joined them! They didn’t know it, but if they had failed the test… they wouldn’t have been treated to Taco Bell on the way home from the dentist this afternoon.

But you know what? They did good!


They used their brains and came up with great answers to some of the demands on my list!

They actually got a long and had fun!!




I look forward to Spring! I love the nice weather. The happy birds chirping wildly. The breeze skating through the trees. The colors that dot the yard. The warm morning sun on the front porch. The desire in all my kids to be outside so strong that they ask to do school out there!


Yep… Spring is good. Come on Spring… you are welcome here!


(Here’s a scavenger hunt for you! Go back up to the top photo – click on it if you want it bigger – and see if you can find the third boy! He is in there… I promise!)





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  1. I totally love spring too! I really like all the seasons for many different reasons. The daffodils were great. We have a few up too. Also found the boy between the others. His black shirt really blends in with the background!

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