I Didn’t Know Dogs Got Seperation Anxiety

She has seperation anxiety. Who knew.


Kiki is such a sweet smelly little rascal girl and SO obsessed smart… but she is getting so protective and possessive over me that when I love and pet on the two big labs… she starts growling at them, and twice now a scuffle ensued. (none of them hurt. just a lot of noise.) It is always her that starts it… so I have been working on letting her know that I will not tolerate it. Period. But that takes WORK and TIME.

And this is not even mentioning if I take a shower, go to the bathroom or… God forbid… leave the house! When I return (or come out!) she carries on like she hasn’t seen me for weeks!! The cries are so pained and  mournful that boys from all over the house come running to see what happened to her! (Well, they used to… but they are getting used to it by now. It is actually becoming a show of sorts! They gather by the back door to witness the mayhem and drama of my return home.) This is easing up a bit now.. since I won’t give her attention until she calms down. But she tries everything to get my attention… chews on my shoes – while I am trying to walk, and pulls on my pant legs! I do think this will get better… but again… it comes down to WORK and TIME!

And so… now that I have added to my work load in a tremendous wayI am seriously questioning my sanity.

A few questions have come up ( in my own brain of course… every one else around here is just fine… no questioning from any of them… their life is peachy!) But I have been thinking, do I thrive on chaos? Do I NEED to have craziness around me to feel good? Do I like mild torture? Does tripping over children and small furry things turn my cranks? Do I run out of stuff to do everyday – thus always looking for more? Am I unsatisfied with my life… so I always need to change it up? Am I a control freak and MUST do it all myself? Is my day not complete unless I fall into bed exhaustedd? Am I missing something? Am I looking for something? Have I LOST something? Did I miss my calling to be a crisis negotiator? Is my identity wrapped up in all the needs of the other members of this “family pack”? Do I even know what my identity is anymore?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but… no… I do not have all the answers to those questions. I am still pondering them. But one thing I do know for sure… I love my “family pack”!! And one day they will all be gone, (or I will be in the loony ben… whichever comes first!) and I will miss the noise, the chaos, the animal hair (OK, maybe not that) and the incessant exhaustion! Hey, I may even get to find out what being bored is all about – but I doubt it!








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3 responses to “I Didn’t Know Dogs Got Seperation Anxiety

  1. Oh my word! That is so cute. She loves you!

    When I’m feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, I have to remind myself that I’d rather be busy than bored. Not just for the sake of being busy, but being busy for a purpose, ya know?

  2. Vickie

    No, you’re just a mom. The most powerful human being in the world! You’ve heard the old saying, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. Congratulations! You’ve got a wonderful family. Thank the Lord for calamity, confusion and chaos that comes with family! You’ll miss it when it’s gone! Enjoyed reading…

    • Thank you for your kind words Michelle and Vickie. I am probably just needing a hot bubble bath and a nap… then I’ll be fine!! You are both so sweet and yes… I don’t like to be bored either Michelle… I know what you mean.

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