Fun For One and All

We always enjoy a trip down to our friends house where they have some property and a lake. Her boys are good friends to my boys and we all enjoy just hanging out together. Her husband just recently built a chicken coop and they got some chickens a few weeks ago, so we were anxious to go see them.

Here are my two middle boys, one of hers and another of their friends… oh and the Kiki-miester!


And by the way… Kiki had the time of her life out there running around! She had six boys to run after, a dozen chickens to bark at and a swimming pool to fall into – yes… within the first 5 minutes! But she learned what it was… and that she couldn’t run across it!!


Here’s Kiki barking at chickens.


Isn’t my friend cute in those red boots?!

in the chicken coop

Although she has some pretty odd looking roosters in there!

(I know, I know… NOT funny mom.)


I just LOVE this photo. I am not sure what it is about it… but if you knew these two little boys… and their adventures… this is just the epitome of their friendship! Off to explore and fight imaginary battles for the good of all mankind!

And the orange cat that is by the tree… she is more like a dog! She follows the kids around all over the property… but when their dad decides to go fishing… she is all over that!!


I don’t think you can see her by his feet there in this photo, but she is!! And I wish I could have captured her walking with him from the barn to the lake! She bounced along the whole way… looking forward to the fish I suppose!!

friends 2-09


dirt pile 2-09

And what kid can resist a good dirt pile?

Especially a nice big one!

VnEgmd 2-09

Everyone slept good that night!

Thanks BV for letting us play at your house.




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