Prince Harrison and the King

For an eight year old, a birthday is all about friends and presents… maybe even cake. Right? I mean isn’t that what most kids are excited about for their upcoming birthdays? Well, I know Harrison was. He was SO looking forward to Thursday, when he would be eight years old… get to hang out with his friends and eat pizza and birthday cake!!

Well, Thursday didn’t go as planned. He was sick. We missed out on a field trip with friends, his brothers were mean to him, he spilled a huge glass of orange juice all over both of us… and the couch, his dog didn’t come and love on him when he called her, his (fake) cell phone broke, I wouldn’t let him have any cake (because he was sick and I was trying to get him well), AND his pizza party was cancelled.

None of it major… but to a little boy… it was overwhelming.

He cried on and off for much of that miserable day.

Of course that is not like him and I chalked it up to not feeling real well.

But that evening, I ordered pizza in, daddy brought home balloons and a few small gifts for him to open.


See, we had gotten him Kiki… his own little dog for his birthday! But of course that was two months ago… she is old news now. (you know what I mean. He still loves her… but the excitement has worn off!) That is what his big brothers were all up-in-arms about and giving the poor kid a hard time. I will never do an early gift like that again.


Well, he went to bed happy and I think the day ended alright for him.

But I had bigger plans for the next evening! I was hoping and praying that he would be feeling good enough, because I had gotten tickets to take him and his little best buddy to the Medieval Times show in Atlanta.

He was well enough… and we had a blast. I took his friends mom with me, and left daddy home with the two middle boys. Harrison needed some time away from them anyway.

It was a great evening. Harrison was even Knighted by the king!

Here are some pictures of his experience.







They are just two peas in a pod!

(His little buddy is actually 8 months older than him. Harris is just big.)


Thank you Medieval Times and King Philippe for salvaging an eight year olds birthday!!

(He still hasn’t had his cake yet. But JJ wants to make one for him this week! Good save JJ.)








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4 responses to “Prince Harrison and the King

  1. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON! And the next time you get to go to Medival Times can I go with you! What fun!

    Oh, yes, I forgot! Happy Birthday Knight Harrison!


  2. How fun! Looks like he had a great time. Happy Birthday, Harrison!

  3. Happy birthday to him! It’s interesting that this was the theme for his 8th birthday, because in Muslim cultures (or at least in Turkey) they treat 8yo boys as kings for the day…and then they get circumcised the next day. You always feel sorry for them when they’re dressed like that…at least he didn’t have that downside to his kingly birthday!

    • Ewww, not so nice to do to a little guy on his 8th b-day!! I’m glad I did it to him when he was tiny!! :0) At least he dosen’t remember it!

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