The Possibility of a Pond!

Been wanting to get started on another outside project lately. It has been wonderful weather around here, and I want to take advantage of it. Even though the deck is not totally finished… I want this pond to get going! I figure that if there is a big ugly hole in the ground… it will have to be finished!

So… the boys and I started a digging!

The only thing is that I started to second guess myself and panic about what I was getting myself into!

So a quick call to my brother Rick… and a quick “drunken sketch” (as he called it) emailed from him, and I was back on track. Rick is a professional landscaper, so I love getting him involved. The only problem is that he lives 3,ooo miles away from me. (sad face)

I sent him some pictures and he drew out an idea for me. That got me excited, and that night, I put a picture on the Paint program and started playing around with it – keeping in mind Rick’s drawing.

Here is the photo I started with.


And then here is the same photo with some “painting” done to it.

Not finished yet and the perspective is all off… but it gives you an idea of what I want to do.


Anyway… just playing!




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4 responses to “The Possibility of a Pond!

  1. Just wondering… How do you watercolor your images? It looks great!

    • Danielle – I used the paint program that is usually on the computer already. Go to start, all programs and then look for “paint”. Mine was found under Accessories. Open your photo in that program. It comes up real magnified… so you can only work in small areas, but save and look at the “WHOLE” photo often to keep perspective and see where you are going! I used the spray paint tool for most of it. I was just playing around with it… and since this was my first “painted photo” I look forward to messing around with more in the future. And I am sure there are much better programs out there than paint. That’s just what I have.

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