I over did it on the pond yesterday. When will I ever learn? Geeeeez.

I thoughtI was taking care not to get dehydrated and all. It was a beautiful day… a slight breeze… very nice to be out working. And I drank water, and even rested now & then… but darn-it if I didn’t get the MOTHER of all headaches. Knocked me flat for the rest of the day. It was ugly.

(I know… I know… I have said that I’ve had the mother of all headaches before… and most likely I will say it again.)

The boys were sweet. They tried to take good care of me. Asking what I needed and telling me to just lay down and rest! They said not to worry about dinner… they would just eat cereal. So cute. Dave worked late, but when he got home I went to bed. This morning… I was fine again!! But I stayed away from the pit today. I’ll try again Sunday maybe.

(Oh, and yes Dad… the boys did help for awhile. But ya’ know… they can only go at it for so long and I was on a roll!)


Do they make prosthetic heads? I am quite sure this one is going to explode off of my neck one of these days.

I will post pond hole pictures soon. Not much to look at really, but I am proud of it anyway!





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2 responses to “Recovering

  1. Oh, my goodness! You need to slow down. Take a day or at least 1/2 a day off. Slow. It will all come together.

    (I have to tell myself stuff like that all the time. Like right now…this is for me and for you!)


  2. UGH! I don’t get headaches very often, so I am super-wimpy about them. If I am not careful, however, I am suseptible to heat exhaustion/dehydration and get really awful ones! I’m glad you recovered and had great help.

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