Dirt, Apples and Eyes

It is funny to me that when I am busy and have no time to think, let alone blog… I am happier than when I sit and mull over my life, my past choices and where I am headed! Don’t get me wrong, I think we need a healthy combination of both. Reflection time is all good, and I have been giving myself that time almost every morning, but after that, the rest of the day seems to be in fast forward.

I’m not complaining… I like to be busy. But tonight I just want to do some catch up on whats going on in my world of bug, boys and burritos! Besides… I am watching Dancing with the Stars… and I like to do something while I watch tv!

The pond is coming along well. It is a lot of work… my goodness,what was I thinking? But it is very rewarding to see it start to come to life like I see it in my head! I have a LONG way to go… but I am happily doing it.

Yesterday, my girlfriend BV called and told me that my birthday present was going to be delivered that afternoon on a truck. It came while I was at the dentist (yes, again), but the boys were able to deal with it just fine. (Well, they called me and all… but I had some hands tools “stuff ” in my mouth at the time and couldn’t talk!)

It was a big pile of dirt! You have to love a friend that knows you so well that she can confidently give you a pile of dirt for your birthday!! Thank you BV!! It’s perfect! I needed this dirt to build up the side of the pond that is on the other end of the slope. Sooooooo, I have been moving wheelbarrows of dirt from here…


  …down to here. Not real far, but you try it… a wheelbarrow full of dirt headed downhill can easily get away from you!! I almost ended up in the pond one time. But I flung out one of my legs and just held my position until I got control again! It was close… very close! If I had gone over… it would have been a hilarious slow motion fall over the top of the cart into the pond… with the dirt!


(At least it’s down hill and not up hill!)

I only have a couple of loads left… and I will try to get those in tomorrow morning before the rain.

This morning, I made an apple cake after worship and chores while the kids got started on their assignment sheets. Harrison came in to read to me and saw the apple peeler/corer thingybob and wanted to help!


He loved it! Thank you Sandy… it was another perfect gift!! (from last year)

When Harrison got the peeling and coring done, he grabbed his reading book and began reading Frog and Toad out-loud to me! It was so wonderful. I had the aroma of apples and cinnamon, big band music in the background (it goes with apple cake for some reason!) and the sweetness of my “baby” before me! It was truly one of those “perfect” moments that you wish you could bottle and keep hold of forever! I loved it.


When he got done and went on to other assignments, Lulu took a seat on the stool and joined me!


Then JJ sat for a spell and ate some of the leftover apples! We talked over the process of our apple cake and how good it was smelling!


Then Guy comes by and wants to know what was in the apple cake, and if it was good for you. He determined that it was almost equivalent to banana bread. Humm. Never would have thought of the two in the same “healthy” scale. (But I think the cake has a tad bit more sugar in it.)


I would have taken a picture of the AWESOME apple cake… but it really didn’t look that good. hee hee… glad it tasted better than it looked! 🙂

After school I shoveled dirt for a couple of hours, then got ready and took Harrison to the eye doctor. I thought he was just going through a “I want to have glasses” phase (one that I NEVER went threw), but he really does need glasses! Not much of a prescription, but the doc said that if he is noticing he has trouble when reading, then he should have the glasses for school work at least. Okay. Glasses ordered. Check.

(side note: There is a very funny story about the glasses that he first picked out. They were hideous, and I do mean hideous. More on that later. But I will tell you that he didn’t end up getting them. Thank you Jesus… and Becky!)

I also have a wonderful friend named Becky who met me at the eye doctors to help me pick out MY new pair of glasses! Do I have the best friends or what? Thank you Becky! Soooo sweet of you to take the time to help out a gal who wouldn’t know fashion if it hit her in the face!!

I am now only caught up on today! Much more to report on and a few other wonderful friends to mention!

But I will leave my other events of this last week for another evening… I am TIRED!

Good night.



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