Little Boys Visit

I got to hang out with my new friend Amy C. and her two little boys the other day! They are just precious and brought back so many memories of my boys when they were small.

The oldest… I’ll call him “Wheels”, since he loves anything with wheels on it, is a little over two years old.


And the little guy… I’ll call him “Tank”, because he is a big bruiser and could mow down his big brother if he wanted to, will be one this week! Happy Birthday Tank!


Both boys are sweetie pies! And they are SO lucky to have such a wonderful mama!


Wheels called me “gramma” a couple of times. I actually loved it! I got to read him books, make him a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, feed him apple cake, cuddle and smooch on him! He played with the refrigerator water dispenser, drove little cars on the coffee table, chased the cat, and touched everything he could reach!! Oh… the memories! Sweet and precious memories. Thank you Wheels and Tank for bringing them back for me.

It was a great afternoon and I enjoyed spending time with Amy and her baby boys! But I have to admit… having little ones isn’t for wimps… I was tired! You go Amy girl!  




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