Wet, Soggy, Drenched

That is what Georgia is right now!

This is what I remember spring being like. We have had it so dry for several years now and we kinda forgot what a “normal” spring was like! This is good… this is very good!

Sadly, I am unable to work on the pond… and it is taking a beating. But maybe the new dirt needs to be pounded down a bit before I continue on. So this could be a good thing! We will have to see.


One of the challenges of all this rain is a wet little dog in and out of the house!

I am teaching her to “dry off” on a towel for a minute before she can go play.

Funny little girl!



She’s not real fond of it.

Oh, and here is the painting that my mom sent (to the wrong address). Done by my Great Uncle Paul.  I wish I could see more of what he did because mom said that this isn’t one of his best… I think I recall that he was good at drawing more than painting. I am the opposite. But very interesting and I’m glad to have it.

And, no… I do not know what building that is. Or where it is. I think that they lived in Michigan or Illinois. I might have to do a building search! Better yet… if any of you recognize it… please let me know!

(I think you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.)


I have had a few minutes with my feet up now… trying to get my second wind… but I must get back to packing up the car. We head out tomorrow morning for a few days in Florida at our favorite beach with some of our favorite friends!

So… I will see you when I get back next week, cuz even if the house down there has Internet access… I will be too busy playing speed solitaire with my friend to be on the computer!!








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2 responses to “Wet, Soggy, Drenched

  1. Beautiful painting!

    And RAIN in Georgia, what a nice thing! At least it isn’t snow.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I agree! This is what spring in Georgia is suppose to be like!
    Let’s hope it keeps some of it up throughout summer too.
    We had over 5 inches today. Maybe a little too much at one time, but I am thankful for it.
    I love the painting. It is a wonderful talent to have. I wished I had it, also.
    Have fun on your trip.

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