More Beach Photos

Not only do we enjoy the beach at Vero, but some of our favorite restaurants are there too!

Every year that we’ve been going we have had our “family” photo taken at Waldos. Dinning here out on the deck overlooking the beach is a priority for all of us! So this year we did it twice!!







Another tradition is going to get ice cream at the Working Cow after dinner at Waldos.




 (I do believe this was the response to my request for a taste of his!)


What can I say… they are great friends, great company, great fun and a great couple!


This awesome tree is on the way to ice cream. Harrison and I LOVE to climb it!


I REALLY like this picture of me and my boys. I remember Harris being mad at me… but don’t remember what for. Just that it was ridiculously funny!


My boys are so lucky… they will have many wonderful memories of Vero Beach and time with their Aunt Amy & Uncle Matt!










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