JJ Spends Some Time in the Kitchen with Chef Warmie

 Uncle Matt has JJ help him make burgers this last weekend. This is the night we had the storm.

Matt was so sweet with JJ. He had him learning to measure out of his hand… or guesstimating as I call it!

He was a great teacher.

It was neat to watch, and take pictures of them.







Gerrit was working on a puzzle.

(notice the big weather system headed at us on the radar screen!)


Later, the other boys join him and they verob09-087-bget it finished.


They were trying to beat the storm and get these on the grill before it dumped rain and hail on us!



On the other side of the house the storm was coming!


I know this doesn’t look that bad… but not long later it was coming down like this…


They got the burgers cooked and were delicious! Other than having to duck downstairs a couple of time when the tornado sirens went off… we had a wonderful meal, and a good time with great friends!


I love this photo!

Thanks Uncle Matt!



***Upon reading this after I posted it… I see several grammatical errors… however due to a migraine that has taken up residence in my noggen… I choose not to correct them.  Sorry… but you get the drift of my post anyway don’t cha?

I can’t think real good right now.




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2 responses to “JJ Spends Some Time in the Kitchen with Chef Warmie

  1. Looks like fun!

    Funny- we both posted something about hamburgers today!

  2. I’m glad that you did NOT get a tornado! My husband is heading your way. Flys into Alanta on Saturday then on to the Macon area. I hope no storm then also.


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