The mysteries is solved!!

Sadly, I had nothing to do with it.

Leave it to the kids! And I am embarrassed to say that it had to do with me not upgrading to what I thought I had many months ago! Here I was… insisting that I had video upload capabilities… and I didn’t! Who knew.


So, here is one of the thunderstorm videos!





Filed under Real Life on My Planet, Things I like

3 responses to “Ahhhha.

  1. Hey Heidi,
    The randomizer drew your number.
    You’re the winner of the 2 hole nest box.
    I tried to e-mail you but it came back. Will you e-mail me your address and I’ll send the nest box off tomorrow.(I’m posting the winner tomorrow)
    Thanks for entering!

  2. Evan and Terry left Georgia, then stopped in Valley, Alamaba to say good-bye to our grandson (he will come to visit), and it looks like they missed the tornados and bad weather ….BARELY!

    How are all of you?


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