The Campfire

Things aren’t always what they seem.

You know that… I know that… but how often do we look at someones photos or blog and make an assumption like,  “They look like they have it all together” or  “Geez, it looks like they have the perfect life!”

Well, I am here to tell you that I don’t have it all together… and I certainly don’t have a perfect life… but I do have a wonderful family and I am extremely blessed. I think it is a matter of choosing to find the good in life that makes the difference. But some days… it is hard to find the “good”. I know I’ve been there. (See some of Octobers blog posts!)

But this weekend, I was determined to make some happy family memories. Damit. Come hell or high water. No matter what! Saturday evening my oldest son and I decided that it was the perfect weather to have a campfire! I started raking up a spot to build the fire and he went in to get the other boys + one little friend that we had over for Harrison.

When they came out ,(which they had JUST gone in by the way.) they were less than enthusiastic about the campfire. I was a bit miffed at them for gripping about doing such a fun thing… and told them they didn’t have to stay and help start it… but this is where I was going to be for the evening!

Funny thing… none of them went back in.

Eventually, we got the fire going (actually it wasn’t until Daddy poured lighter fluid on it) and sat around talking for a few minutes before I decided that we had some hot dogs in the house and that that would be our dinner!

I must also preface this with the knowledge that Daddy (and sometimes Darren) had been working on Darren’s truck all afternoon and it wasn’t going so well.

JJ and I brought out a big tray of hot dogs, (some) buns, condiments, chips and a prepackaged s’moores kit that had been given to us quite awhile back!

Well, here… let me have you look at some of the pictures and enjoy the scenery for a moment before I completely screw it up with the facts!


Harris and his best buddy… and Brutus (meathead) waiting for a fire.


The dogs really thought they were helping.



This is fun.


Anything to do with dirt and fire can be fun!


Aside from the pile of posts in there… this would be a nice shot.


See… this is what I like to see when I step outside!! BOYS in my yard!


These two are the epitome of “best friends”.


If we can just keep the fire going…


Daddy is quite satisfied with himself and his bottle of lighter fluid!


On to the hot dogs… and s’moores!


(All I see here is a difficult stain to remove from those “white” pants. I’m sorry… he does have a sweet smile!)


And now…  for the truth of the matter;  

(Oh, we did have fun… intermittent with chaos and bad attitudes.)

  • The dogs got into multiple skirmishes,
  • There were a couple of  “boy” arguments,
  • Daddy lost his hot dog in the fire… and then cussed about it,
  • He also let his “good” stick burn up in the fire while he tried to retrieve the wiener… which I never could figure out why he had to get it out of the fire… WHO CARES at that point… let it GO! We NEEDED the stick.
  • By the time he got his second hot dog cooked… we were out of buns. More cussing.
  • Our little guest didn’t even like hot dogs and took maybe one bite of his… thus wasting a much coveted bun.
  • More dog fights,
  • The graham crackers were RANCID. Not just stale… RANCID. Gerrit found that out for us after taking a good big bite.
  • The whole s’moores kit was bad… had to throw the whole thing out. 😦
  • Daddy and Darren went to get some fresh supplies… and my car was dead. (Two down… one to go!)


  • Two boys get “time-out”,
  • We don’t get more s’moore supplies

 And I end up sitting out by the fire as it burns down to a warm glow… by myself.


But hey… guess what? A few years from now… that night will be a happy memory for all!!! I just know it!



 **To be totally forthright here… my husband did eventually see what I was trying to do and apologized for not being more supportive about it. Next time we will do better! I will have enough fresh supplies ready and he will have had his mouth washed out with soap! 🙂






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