My Birthday Dinner

I just can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to hang out by the fire in the backyard!

Now it would have been better if I had my husband and youngest son with me… but I’ll take what I can get!


I made sure that we had fresh supplies and enough buns!




It is very rare that I eat a hot dog, so I ate a big salad from Zaxby’s that this big boy bought me on the way home from the laundry mat! So sweet of him! It was yummy!


JJ is helping Guy shut the mustard bottle!


Guy sprained his ankle this weekend, so he is keeping it a as much as he can.


JJ delights in s’moores!


They seem to bring out something eternally good in him!


Making them brings joy to his heart!


And when all is said and done… the world is in a good place!

4-29-09-065-bGuy… he just eats them!

(He also needs a haircut in the worst way! It usually doesn’t look that bad… but he didn’t comb it after just swimming apparently. However, It may get a lot worse before it gets any better because I have walked away from trying to cut his hair. His hair/style is up to he and his daddy now. If they want it to be cut they can pay me… or pay a barber. I don’t care… I just know that I’m not wasting good ammo on anymore hair arguments!)


Darren likes to philosophize everything… including s’moores!


I am a weirdo and don’t care that much for chocolate or grahmcrackers… so I just eat my “White Cushions of LOVE” right off the poker! (I just quoted JJ there!) So… the way I see it… I had the fire under my cake this year! 🙂

Oh, and by the way… I got this fire started without the aid of Mr. Safety’s dangerous lighter fluid technique! I was pretty proud of myself! I did however use some corks that I had soaked in alcohol (last year)… and although they didn’t catch on fire like I thought they were supposed to… they may have kept the fire burning better for awhile longer until it really got going good. I don’t know… but I will use one again next time! Kind’of a neat idea someone told me about.

Anyway, this campfire dinner went WAY better than the last one! But the only problem was that we were missing Dad and Harrison. Bummer.  But I will have plenty more cookouts in the backyard this year!!! It beats eating out at any restaurant!  I LOVE IT!




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4 responses to “My Birthday Dinner

  1. Happy Birthday!
    It looks like a wonderful birthday dinner with the boys.
    and..Guy’s hair looks just fine.
    I know you all enjoyed being together.(and missed Dad and Harrison)

    Have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Heidi!!!!


  3. Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fun looking party! AND a neat yard and such handsome boys!


  4. I’m so glad that you had a good birthday dinner. I LOVE Zaxby’s salad and would have enjoyed that over a hot dog too, but you can’t beat the setting and the company you had for your birthday dinner.

    Have a great Sunday!

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