LOL… I knew that title would just freak some of you out!

Naw, haven’t even seen one yet this season. But did see this the other day!

snake skin

So, I know they’re around!

I’m sure this is from a good snake though!

I don’t mind the ones that eat the bad snakes!

I’d even be happy to make them a sandwich… or do their laundry… just you go on ahead and eat them bad dudes right up. I got your back. Keep those bad boys away from my babies.


Didn’t used to be fond of any snakes until we moved out here and I found that little tid-bit out.

Reminds me of Moses throwing down his rod and it turned into a serpent in front of Pharaoh. Then Pharaoh’s magicians could do the same “trick”. It all seems moot until Moses’s snake ate their snakes… and then he picked it up and it became a rod again! Pretty cool.

I can see the Hebrew Times headlines; “Good snake eats bad snakes and Pharaoh’s Magician’s eat crow.”

Have a great weekend!!





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4 responses to “SNAKES…

  1. Nagisa

    Hi, snake skin is believed to bring financial luck here in Japan. Yuji has a huge one his mom gave him in his extra wallet. in a plastic bag, of course.
    Have a lucky day,

  2. Too funny. (But I can’t abide snakes!)

  3. Funny blog. Thanks for posting. I agree that you can’t have too many venomous snake eaters. I wrote a blog about that as well.


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