Gare-Bear’s Hair

Just asking… does this boy need a haircut?

A few weeks ago I told him I would cut it if he didn’t keep it cleaner. (I don’t know what it is about boys and being clean!) So far… he has been MUCH better about that. So I know he is putting forth the effort to keep it long. I also understand that he likes it long in the back to cover his very long scar. But, I love his eyes and want to see more of them. He say’s this long style is “in” now, and I do see a lot of it around.

He will be 13 this month and I’m grateful that he is even thinking about his looks… so… I’m inclined to let it be. Dad however wants to shave it!

What do YOU think?

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4 responses to “Gare-Bear’s Hair

  1. Well, 13 is a time when kids pick out thier ‘way of being’. Shaving seems rather harsh. But, hey, whatever works.


  2. Let him be…it IS in style.

  3. Sandy

    It is a sign of maturity when a person wants to take responsibility for how they look. It is difficult for him to feel it is truly his choice if people are telling him how it should be – and he may even want it the way you want it – just he wants to be in control of the choice. He is growing up, that is all. I love long hair, so this was no problem for me with Michael……………of course, we have other growing up ‘issues’ to be sure……..(smile)

  4. It looks neat and not wooly – I like his style!

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