Brotherly Love

I am working on a photo project and I have to say that it is VERY hard to stay focused on the task at hand!! I keep coming across cute pictures of the boys and then I sit and reminisce about it!

Boys in new duds

This is Guy & Jage (dimples)  at four and three.

They were pretty much inseperable.


Jage & Guy

You can tell in these shots who the clown is!

Ahhhh… I like the hair! (or lack-there-of!)




And now… hold onto your sox… this is one of the best photos I’ve got!

Muddy Little Monsters!03

The epitome of childhood!

Ya gotta LOVE it!




alright… back to work!


Just had to stop in and share some of these with you.

(I have one of them sitting her next to me winning that he is hungry. I told him to wait until I got done with what I am doing. So… he is groaning and moaning and mumbling under his breath that he is so skinny and too weak to get up now even if I did care about feeding him! And I’ve fed him twice already today… it’s only 4pm! What the heck?)

Okay… so off I go… in the kitchen… where I LIVE!!!



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  1. I have several pictures like this! Matthew’s ongoing project this winter was digging a hole. That was it. Digging a hole in the back of the yard in the red North Carolina dirt. And then filling it with water. Oy. They create so much dirt, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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