Sweet, Sweet Summer Fun

Out at BV’s house last week… swimming in the rain!


Isn’t that a beautiful setting?

Her husband Tim dug that lake out himself. He LOVES to fish… so he made himself a little fishing lake!

This last year they put in the pool – even though the boys were fine with swimming in the lake – not all of their friends were fond of their kids swimming in it! The pool is so nice, and I am sitting up on the deck under the eves so the camera doesen’t get wet. It was raining off and on all day – but no lightning (which is rare)- so it was fine to swim.

Misc. 124-b

Don’t those red chairs look neat with all the green in the background?

Misc. 125-b

The boys had a diving contest.

My boys need lots of help with theirs… but I give them credit for trying!

Misc. 132-bThis is Tate. He has a very nice dive.

Misc. 130-b

Misc. 137-b

This is Gerrit. He eventually got his arms straight, but I had tired of taking pictures by then! The cool thing was when we got home I was able to show him what I was talking about… and he could actually see the difference of having his arms down like this and Tate’s being out in front of his head. He’ll get better in time!

Misc. 133-bThis is Harrison! Bless his little heart! He gets an A for effort! (He has enough effort for a whole army!) Sadly he didn’t improve a whole lot on his dive this day… but he sure gave it his all trying! He too will get better in time. Practice, practice, practice!

Misc. 145-b

JJ didn’t get to even try since he has an ear infection. So I had to take a picture of his cute mug just to let him know he was not forgotten!!

Misc. 120-bJJ, Tate & Guy

Misc. 147-bBV gave Harrison some pointers on holding a bat.  (Tim was a professional baseball player, so she knows a little something about that!) Again, Harrison is not lacking in effort!

Misc. 149-b

Misc. 151-bAnd Tate was kind enough to help Harrison out as well. Tate is following in his daddy’s footsteps with baseball and is a wonderful little player! It was very nice of him to stop swimming with the big boys for awhile and help Harry out!

Harrison’s efforts paid off and he was able to make contact several times!

Misc. 155-b

It was such a nice afternoon.

See Kiki in the left corner? She LOVES going out to their house!

Not so sure BV’s dogs enjoy her though…

Misc. 115

Poor Peaches… just look at her!

Misc. 114-b

Misc. 117-b

Misc. 119-b

Kiki can be just a tiiiiny bit annoying!

(we love her anyway!)




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One response to “Sweet, Sweet Summer Fun

  1. The pool is gorgeous. I LOVE those red chairs!

    It took my kids a while to learn to dive. Every year, they have to get used to it all over again.

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